BT’s ‘Soul Catcher 2025’ Implants

BT’s ‘Soul Catcher 2025’ Implants

Government control and human microchips have been a hot topic of discussion for decades.  Everyone remembers Orwell and Huxley’s famous writings that discussed the possibilities of utopian societies that existed in intensely controlled environments.  These imaginary worlds are no longer limited to mere words on the pages of outdated novels.  Recent reports reveal that human microchips are at the forefront of communications technology and some claim that all humans may be micro chipped as early as 2025.  A government organization known as British Telecom is currently developing a new microchip that is designed to be implanted behind the human eye and will have the capability to record a person’s every thought, emotion and sensation.  The name of this horrifically invasive piece of technology is the Soul Catcher.  According to makers, the microchip will have the capability to bring people back from the dead.  People’s entire lives will be downloaded onto a single microchip barely larger than a grain of rice.  That chip could be implanted in an infant and said person could be reborn.  People can be recreated spiritually, emotionally and physically.  But there is the possibility of so much more.

This microchip could assist police relive rape scenes, homicides, etc.  Every crime would be solvable.  A crime free society would be possible.  No child would ever be lost again; no murderer or rapist would walk free.  The chips could download personal information.  All currency exchanges could be conducted with a scan.  Credit cards, licenses, passports, e-mail, all forms of insurance and so much more could be placed on the chip.  Waiting to process information would no longer be necessary.  There would be no need for physical connection to process anything.  Just the simple extension of one’s hand and you would be recognized.  There would be no fear of identity theft.

We could all be in control of our own world.  Utopia.  Simplicity. 

Perfection.  No need to process information, the one major constraint with technology and globalization.  Imagine the capabilities people would possess if freed from those shackles.  INFINITE.  But at what cost?  All thoughts, feelings, the sanctity of one’s mind would be gone.  Nothing is private.  No memory would be private.  No emotion would be ours.  Our entire identities, everything that makes a person unique would be reduced to a single grain sized chip.  Always controlled.  Always tracked.  No freedom.  With the promise of a simple, crime-free utopia comes the sacrifice of everything that makes us who we are.  The gateway to a simplistic life is never gained without sacrifice.  Multi-billions have been invested into this project, and money is never gambled in capitalistic societies.  These chips are an investment and would be protected.  People are too unpredictable and will need to be controlled.  These chips will be the realization of Orwell’s nightmare.  People must not be pacified by the promise of an easy life.  It is never worth what makes us who we are.  It is not worth the cost of our souls.  It is not human.


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